Five Reasons Bristol Airport Advertising Is Taking Off

>>Five Reasons Bristol Airport Advertising Is Taking Off

Five Reasons Bristol Airport Advertising Is Taking Off

Passenger numbers are sky-high after a summer full of announcements

Significant developments at Bristol Airport this summer are set to increase footfall both in and out of the terminal This means now is the perfect time for your business to advertise their products and services at the airport. If you’re looking to increase interest in your business, there are five big reasons you should be advertising at Bristol Airport.

1. British Airways will return to the airport after ten years and offer new, already popular weekend routes throughout the warmer months, with further locations expected for announcement in the near future.

2. Travellers can also now use air miles earned with BA from Bristol airport instead of travelling from London, which is more convenient and will undoubtedly encourage even more people to take-off at an airport closer to home.

3. The number of international visitors flying in and out of Bristol Airport now numbers more than one million.

4. The Hinkley Point C Development is already driving increased volumes on routes from France (home of energy company, EDF)

5. The wealth of tourist attractions in the South West continue to attract leisure visitors.

Fliers in and out of Bristol airport cover a range of demographics of potential customers, making it the perfect place for a range of advertisers. For more information on available advertising positions and dates, please contact:-

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