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Advertise to car buyers in Airports when they are in a relaxed and receptive mindset. With the dwell time and media space to create an engaging campaign, you have the ability to influence Eye Airports’ affluent, captive audience.

Whether you are a car dealership or a major automotive brand, Eye Airports provide solutions to reach your target audience.

Advertise to Car Buyers Key Insights:

  • People who have travelled by air in the last 12 months are 73% more likely to spend £30,000 on their car purchases.
  • More men than women purchase cars that reflect their personal image whereas women are more likely to be concerned with the ability to finance the purchase.
  • Eye Airports passengers spent 15% more on their car purchases compared to the National average
  • 1 in 3 Eye Airports passengers have considered buying a brand they have seen advertised in an Airport.

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