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About Eye Airports

We have a clear strategy to deliver

Focussed Excellence

Focus on the environment and audiences that we need to know better than anyone else – Airports and the fantastic opportunities they provide. Commercialised, developed, packaged, communicated and delivered with excellence.

About Eye Airports

Our values:

Ambition – We define the sector and are not defined by it. We want to be the place to come for ideas, knowledge and a point of view on the whole air travel sector. It’s a place of opportunity; take it and make things happen.

Expertise – This is what we do. We need to be a team of experts who understand the Airport environment and audience better than anyone else. Think and act like a market leader, be more progressive and deliver ‘best in class’ service – always.

Agility – We need to act quicker than anyone else. Time is poor – respect it, act quickly and get to the point – keeping it short and simple

It is not only what we do that is important, but the way we do things that matters enormously.

Our behaviours:


Be trustworthy and respectful – follow through on the promise, build trust and be aware of the impact of your words and actions with your colleagues, clients and partners.


Be open to change and another perspective.

Work as a team

Be helpful and supportive to your team, help them to be successful.


Take ownership – Be decisive, be accountable, be on time and don’t leave it for someone else

Be excellent – take pride in your work…. try to inspire and be creative ….Create BUZZ

Be commercially aware – look for ways to do things more efficiently, be financially sensible and cost conscious.

Challenge the norm – look for ways to get round problems – think of alternatives, but if you don’t know, or aren’t sure, then ASK

Keep your sense of humour – be energetic, motivated and committed ….but always with a sense of fun.

Success, Reward and a great Reputation are the goals for Everyone at Eye Airports.

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