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About Eye Airports

Airport Partners was formed in 2006, as part of AdGroup, which was established in 1986. Airport Partners originally represented just two regional Airports, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle. However their portfolio increased considerably over the subsequent years to encompass over 18 Airports including Bristol, Exeter, Inverness, Dundee, Southampton, Norwich and City of Derry Airports.

In 2017, Rachel Davies was appointed Managing Director, Karen Whitaker as Operations and HR Director and Andy Mackenzie as Sales Director. James Ager continued as Finance Director. The Senior Management Team collectively have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Airport Advertising. Rachel successfully led a Management Buyout which was completed in August 2017.

Eye Airports have invested heavily in talent; building a strong team through which to sell advertising. We have already won 3 Advertising Industry awards, 2 of which were for our innovative digital content.

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